Past Meetings / Discussions

Meeting with Rep. Jimmy Anderson


Our first meeting was with Rep. Jimmy Anderson, Assembly District 47 (D-Fitchburg). Rep. Anderson knows all too well the effects of drinking and driving.  During a visit to California in 2010, a drunk driver took his parents and his brother, leaving him quadriplegic when the force of the impact snapped his neck. 

Meeting with Rep. Jim Ott


Rep. Jim Ott, Assembly District 23 (R-Mequon) has battled for years for harsher OWI legislation. Rep. Ott is currently working on getting three OWI bills (AB97, AB98 and AB99) passed. Marla spoke at the public hearing on these bills. AB98 did pass the Assembly and is now in the Senate. Marla will also be speaking at that public hearing.

Meeting with Rep. Jagler


Rep. John Jagler, Assembly District 37 (R-Watertown) is our local representative. We met with him to get his views and ideas on Wisconsin's OWI issues.

Discussion with Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald


Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Senate District 13 (R-Juneau) is our local Senator.  Caralee attended his Office Hours in Watertown to get his views on our state's drunk driving issues. You can watch the full video here.

Hearing on OWI Legislation


Marla Hall at the Public Hearing on OWI Legislation. You can watch the full video here.

Meetings with Sen. Chris Larson & Rep. Berceau


We met with Senator Chris Larson on June 7th and Rep. Berceau on June 15th. We shared ideas and are going to work with them on any legislation they bring up on our OWI laws.

Advocacy Day for SB 688 IID for All


Marla Hall advocating for SB 688 at the State Capitol January 23, 2018

Click on picture to watch video


Dawn Church advocating for SB 688 at the State Capitol January 23, 2018

Click on picture to watch video

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Past Events

2017 DeForest PD Mock Crash


2017 DeForest PD Mock Crash


Our first event was attending the 2017 Annual Mock Crash that the DeForest Police Department put on regarding impaired driving. Marla spoke to the crowd and encouraged everyone to make good decisions.  You can watch the video here.  The video is two parts and the second part can be viewed on our YouTube Channel. 

2017 DeForest PD Mock Crash


1st Fundraising Garage Sale


Our first fundraising garage sale was a huge success.  We took in $785.85. We want to thank our community for supporting us in our journey to save lives.

2017 Sun Prairie Night Out


2017 Evansville Night Out


Waterloo HS Mock Crash


Waterloo HS Mock Crash


Culver's Fundraiser


Culver's Fundraiser